Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Danger by hidden sugar

Sugar is becoming more of a threat to our health. Above all, hidden sugar in ready meals, drinks, sausages, smoothies, fruit yoghurt and the still as healthy praised sweet spreads. “Three out of four products in the supermarket contain sugar,” said Kassel nutritionist Eva Metz in an interview with the “Hessisch / Niedersächsischen Allgemeine” (HNA), which deals with white industrial sugar or table sugar he takes ill, all the way to sugar addiction ,

Overweight due to sugar addiction

No wonder in the amount of sugar cubes in glasses, aluminum cups and cups with food and drinkable. A few top suppliers of hidden sugars:

  • 400 gram jar tomato sauce: 8 sugar cubes
  • 150 grams of fruit yoghurt: 6 sugar cubes
  • 250 ml Smoothie: 11 sugar cubes
  • 450-gram Nutella: 83 sugar cubes
  • 250 ml cranberry juice: 7.5 sugar cubes
  • 250 ml 7up: 9 sugar cubes

Every spoon of sugar in the tea or coffee is a joke – but too much. Because even fruit , Vegetables and grains contain sugar, in balanced nutrition already more than enough. Light and diet products are really bad: they condition us to a much too high energy intake. The brain is happy and demanding more, the sugar metabolism tilts – and the body stores the excess glucose in the fat. Unsightly episode: We increase unintentionally.

Maximum 6 teaspoons of sugar per day

That’s what the World Health Organization recommends. On average, we shovel 24 teaspoons of sugar into the figure. Every day. As with other stuffed breeds Sugar-weaning first to physical symptoms: headache, bad mood, nervousness. It can take up to six weeks to sneak out of sugar addiction. A good start: only drinking water , Helps to lose weight – and the skin is also beautiful. Eating natural yoghurt – pure protein and so filling. Fruits instead of smoothies. Oatmeal instead of ready muesli. And by no means wellness or soft drinks or even energy drinks. Because they do the opposite of what they promise.

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