Danger in Gorgon for PlayStation 4

Obsdian returns to the fore with its first DLC. In this analysis of The Outer Worlds: Danger in Gorgona, we tell you what we think.

The truth is that The Outer Worlds was one of the surprises from last year. Or not, because the guys at Obsidian have us used to throwing real games. But this time they went more on their own and without a large budget, something that did not detract too much from the quality of the title. Now, a year later we bring you this toanalysis of The Outer Worlds: Danger in Gorgona, to see how the game holds up with its first DLC.

Remember that despite the purchase of Obsidian On the part of Microsoft, this expansion has also seen the light in the Sony console, which is to be appreciated. Presumably, the studio will be pouring all its efforts into creating new IPs for Americans, and the truth is that we are very impatient.

An arm in a bundle

First of all, in order to start this expansion, we must have advanced enough in the plot, until we have completed the mission “Radio Free Monarch”. It is also advisable to go with a level above 20, since this DLC will not be a mere galactic ride.

Thus, to activate this expansion we will simply have to get on our ship once the aforementioned mission is completed and travel to any point in the galaxy. In this way, a delivery person will stop us and deliver a package. Inside: an arm attached to a voice recorder.

And this is how we will travel to Gorgona, a planet (or rather asteroid) far from the hand of God. There, on a satellite, we will see a very large mansion, whose owner has a mission to entrust us. How could it be otherwise in The Outer Worlds, a company (this time, Space Ganga) was carrying out experiments as mysterious as they were dangerous inside their laboratories in Gorgona.

As mercenaries that we are, Minnie Ambrose will hire us to investigate Gorgona’s laboratories, uncover the dark experiments that were taking place there, and clear her mother’s name. The starting point is truly exciting, and the aura of mystery that permeates the entire DLC helps get the player into the story. As a very positive point, it should be noted that the story does not feel like a glob with respect to the base game, but that it knows how to integrate perfectly with the heritage of the main game, even relating events that happened in it and giving an explanation. Obsidian knows how to take care of its stories, and Danger in Gorgona was not going to be the exception.

A dangerous planet

As for the playable section, we did not find a great innovation. We will continue to face the different enemies with a powerful arsenal of weapons, with some novelty but without anything very remarkable.

Yes, we can highlight the inclusion of audio tapes, in true Fallout style. This addition will serve to develop secondary details of the plot and get us even more in its atmosphere. It really is much better than reading endless texts.

What I have missed a little more is the absence of being able to advance in the plot without getting involved with shots. I understand that this is an RPG-Shooter, but I think the fighting is overused. Which are fun and narratively makes sense, but in an Obsidian game I expect more options based on dialogue or passive abilities.

However, minor dialogues and decisions will be very present during the approximate 5 hours that this expansion lasts. And the fact is that there is no one who wins these people from the script. The naturalness of the conversations and characters continues to be the strong point of the adventure.

In the graphic and sound section, the game maintains the line and perhaps the level will rise at some point. Gorgona is not very beautiful, but its facilities are. Specifically, we will visit one that as a whole, the setting that they have been able to give it, is an example of a job very well done. On the other hand, remember that the general aspect of The Outer Worlds is that of very saturated colors and the mixture of decadence with technology, and in an abandoned asteroid we have decadence in abundance.


Analysis of The Outer Worlds: Peril in Gorgona for PlayStation 4


In general, we are facing a good DLC, but it is true that we could have expected more. The story is followed with interest thanks to some very elaborate dialogues and characters, but the game fails to base everything on its shooter side, which will make us get serious. A very good setting and a final decision of those complicated, put the icing on a cake that, although it is not perfect, will not leave a bad taste in your mouth.


A very successful setting

The story, as always, is great

Dialog options and characters

The final decision

Your pain

Excessively shooter

Could have a little more variety

A few more hours of fun, but it brings regular

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