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Dangerous Asteroid Will Pass Near Earth

Asteroids with the category of potentially dangerous will pass near Earth today, Tuesday (13/4/2022). The asteroid, which was discovered in 2004, has a diameter of 221 meters and is classified as a near-earth asteroid of the Apollo class. This asteroid belongs to the Apollo class or close to Earth. In fact, it has an orbit that can intersect with the Earth’s orbit.

According to an amateur astronomer Marufin Sudibyo, this asteroid will pass near Earth at a distance of 19.3 times the average Earth-Moon distance. Based on data from NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the asteroid’s speed is high at 88,164 kilometers per hour. Marufin said that with a fairly large diameter, which is above 200 meters, there is the possibility of a collision if it passes near the earth.

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Author : Ellyvon Pranita
Scriptwriter: Novyana Nurmita Dewi
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Producer: Yusuf Reza Permadi

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