Dani Alves, an MVP adrift


He is still there, and he is beginning to miss him. Now that it seems that you have to cry to be able to take something to your mouth, it is worth assessing the figure of Dani Alves. The Brazilian, often caricatured by his histrionics when he dresses in short -clearly that does not fall short in jeans-, looks like the most successful player of all time, 40 titles in his showcase. The last one, an America's Cup from which he came out as an MVP and covered with a unique player aroma that clouds the judgment.

His semifinal match against Argentina was a thing of another world. Starting from the right side, Alves was in charge of looking like a defender when he played, being more of a midfielder than any of them and dressing up as the most punctilious playmaker when he proposed it. His match was a toothache for Scaloni's Argentina, his defensive frame was torn every time the ex-Juventus, Barcelona or Sevilla decided to go on an adventure. The ball, without fail, as a faithful travel companion.

That of omnipotence is a quality that developed after Monchi recruited him for that incipient Seville, which he sharpened in Barcelona after Xavi left a plot in the compass that Guardiola's Barcelona had screwed to the right sector of the field and from which Afterwards, they took advantage of Turin – champion of the Serie A and finalist of the Champions in his only year of bianconero – and Paris, so usual to see him in the Parc des Princes, guarding weapons like opening defenses. A man for everything and for everyone who
, for reasons that escape what happens on the green, is not enjoying the recognition that any player of his fur deserved.

After ending his time at Barça, he said that his intention was that he was missed in Barcelona. "Not as a player," he said in a letter published in "The players tribune," referring to "his spirit, (…) the way he looked after the costumes." "They were going to miss the blood that spilled every time I put on my shirt," he wrote. It packs so much epic, but the message falls and, after the years and seen the culé anxiety, it is better understood.

The door now opens for Alves, without a team once his contract with PSG comes to an end. As much as the candle of 36 already blows, logic invites us to think that there should be no suitors for a guy like him. Back already of everything, few safer bets could make the technical secretaries of the leading teams in Europe. Not in vain his name is associated with those that appear in the slates of distinguished species in the benches as Guardiola. With the letter of freedom under his arm, the Brazilian opponent of summer opportunity.

An incomprehensible impás
Looking back now, definitively established as a legend verdeamarelha, it is hard to understand that there was a time when Alves was relegated to nothing when the national team had to jump into the ring. Maicon, a guy who lived a year of sweet at Inter Milan but at that time distanced several bodies of his direct rival in the right lane of the national team. Serve this Copa América as an epilogue, waiting for the one in Argentina next year to say the opposite, to race with his country team of a sidereal soccer player to whom the phone is going to sound great in the coming days. . (tagsToTranslate) alves (t) team


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