Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Dani Dyer says her father has recovered from his marital troubles and could even have another baby.

Danny Dyer, from the Eastenders, has recovered from his marital troubles and could have another baby, says his daughter Dani.

The winner of Love Island, Dani, her father and actor, and her mother Jo, are so strong in love that they could add spice to the brood.

The nascent hope comes one year after the separation of the dyers and accusations of Danny's infidelity.

"You never know," said Dani, a 22-year-old actress, at the request of the new family member.

"My mother loves babies and they are still quite young.

"My mother is fit. She is in great shape. They never fail to surprise me. Dani, who appeared with her father at Channel 4's Celebrity Gogglebox Friday night, said her parents sometimes cringed her teeth.

Dani Dyer and Danny Dyer on Gogglebox

She decides to ask both partners, "the 41 year olds," to "take a room" when they fall in love with her and her Love Island boyfriend, Jack Fincham, 26.

Dani said, "They are in love, absolutely in love, always kissing around me!

Joanne Mas, Danny Dyer and Dani Dyer

"They all clenched against each other and said," Well, we had to watch you both kiss on Love Island. " They think so that it's normal to continue to kiss in front of me now. Jack and I laugh.

Jo would have fired the actor Danny last year after learning that he had had an affair with former star of Girls Aloud Sarah Harding.

But both parents, Sunnie, 11, and Arty, five, have reconciled.


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