Daniel Jones saves Giants from the serious of Josh Allen


If Daniel Jones' rookie racing did not have promise signs, the Giants could regret that they saw the end of defense by Josh Allen hitting the Jaguars.

The Jaguars drafted the seventh overall at Allen after the Giants took him forward with the previous pick to skip Jones with the first of the first three rounds. Although Jones was all that the Giants had expected to be so far, the Duke product – which was expected to go later in the first round – was very critical of the need for protective additions.

The Jaguars have no complaints.

“This man has an incredible skill. You are talking about a man who is 6-4, 6-5 and 275 pounds and can run, it can be covered and many things can be done. It is an advantage, ”said chief coach Jaguars, Doug Marrone, from Allen after the third predicted game for his team. “But don't forget about it, we like to go after the quarter.”

In Jaguars' loss in Miami on Thursday, Allen was in charge of the team's four combat, two for losses and two fourth quarter hits, and the Dolphins boot was limited to 10 yards in 14 snaps.

“It's a cattle,” said linear Myles Jack, according to The Athletic. “They did their research on that. This was a great pick. Josh is very capable, very athletic. It is freaky, man. That's why I call him LeBron James' It's athletic. It can do many things. ”

Josh Allen
Josh AllenGetty Images

The Kentucky product, which is 22 years of age, was resumed into the draft, with a one-American bid for unanimity in 2018. It is expected that the thing was expected by those Jaguars added, and is already integrated with the ability of the defensive core team.

“Whatever you see tonight, I can promise that that child will work with you, that he will work twice as hard, that he will be twice as married if he has lost something,” said Marrone. . “That's how it is. And he goes after him. ”

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