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Daniel Radcliffe has yet to appear so stupid

Due to the amazing financial success of Bohemian Rhapsody, we will be drowning in music biography in the coming years, there will be a film about Elvis, Madonna, Whitney Houston. But presumably none of them will be as diligent as those of “Weird Al” Yankovic, a giant parody of the 1980s, and Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role not at all like the musician.

Yankovic’s weapon was the accordion, he reworked many hits in the eighties, often on the subject of food (the title of Al’s 1988 version of Beat It Weird: Eat It), and he used to make polka versions of the hits of the age. . . . , but he also wrote many of his own songs. Yankovic was an inevitable figure in the eighties because of his distinctive, detached hair, circular mustache, and patterned tropical shirt, as well as his giant glasses, but he is still active today.

And his physique will be back in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, in which Daniel Radcliffe plays not-so-lean and languid musicians in a story that Yankovic himself notes as a screenwriter. There are not many conclusions to be drawn from the first glimpse yet, but it is certain that it is not the film Queen to be expected here, but something more diligent – in which the protagonist, for example, grabs half naked on scene. and sometimes kung fuses. The Eagles can be seen for a moment by one of the American Bureau support characters, Rainn Wilson, who plays Yankovic’s explorer and radio DJ of bad music, Dr. Demento.

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By the way, the film will premiere on Roku’s channel in the second half of the year, so no one is waiting for a movie.

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