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Danny Dyer "secretly happy" that his daughter Dani separates from Jack Fincham

The fans of Love Island may have been saddened to learn that the emerging relationships of Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham have bitten the dust, but a person who will be absolutely delighted to learn that Dani is single again is his father, Danny Dyer.

Danny and his wife Jo would have been worried about the impact this high-level relationship could have on their daughter's career.

An unnamed source told the Sun: "His father, Danny, and his family warned him early on that they did not think staying with Jack was the best idea.

"They thought that she would be stronger alone."

Jack does not seem to have spent much time with Dani's family since October

Danny and Jo would have advised their daughter not to continue her relationship with Jack but Dani "sincerely loved him and hoped it would be forever."

It should be noted that Jack has not been photographed with Danny or any other family member since October.

Dani announced the split to his fans on Instagram

Jack briefly made the front cover when he appeared in a recorded message from Loose Women today to support an appearance by his friend Niall Aslam of Love Island, but said nothing about the situation between Danni and himself.

Niall regretted that the couple split up saying, "I'm defeated for them, I thought they were a great couple …

"… I thought that they were the real deal."

The pair was together for four months after the end of Love Island

Dani announced the end of their relationship on Instagram, saying "Jack and I have sadly decided to separate.

"These six months have been incredible and we will always have a place in our hearts, but we have unfortunately realized that this is not supposed to be long term.

"We both intend to stay friends, I hope you both understand, like Dani x."

The couple is always ready to co-host the backstage cover of the 2019 NTA

However, Dani, 22, then removed the post before it expired, questioning his decision.

Dani's acting career continues, she will be seen in the British horror film 031 in 2019 and reportedly received several offers from television production companies.

MirrorOnline has contacted Danny's representatives for a comment.

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