Friday, 16 Nov 2018

Danny John-Jules accuses the BBC of judging it as a mere "rowgate"

Strictly star, Danny John-Jules seemed to suggest that the BBC was intimidating him after a series of stories emerged portraying the actor as a hot head who constantly quarrels with his partner.

Last week, the Daily Mirror revealed exclusively how its dance partner, Amy Dowden, had practiced tears after a heated argument earlier this week. The dancer then said, "I can not continue with him."

She sobbed at the BBC producers that she could no longer be paired with former actor Red Dwarf after an argument at the dance studio – before reconciling later with the actor.

And while the couple seemed to be fixing things with a no-nonsense interview and vehemently denying it, it seems that Danny is still angry at the BBC's response.

The partnership between Danny and Amy has been bumpy, reports said

Today, a few hours before Saturday's recording, actor Red Dwarf liked a tweet that said, "This woman has 100% denied that there is a problem between her and her." Danny, they make a great pair on the dance floor! In my opinion, it's a damn big point that the BBC does what it does best, intimidating others! "

Danny's wife, Petula, who was pictured encouraging Danny and her children at Strictly, Dante and Danae Studios, also feels that her husband was "sewn".

The most controversial couples to date after the drama of Danny John-Jules

Petula, who lives in Notting Hill's house with a million pounds, tweeted yesterday: "Wow @bbcstrictlyPR @bbcstrictly really throws #Dannyjohnjules under this bus! … I'm in shock … why are you trying to destroy him? "

Yesterday, we explained how the BBC leaders had told Danny that he had to be "aware of his behavior in the future" after training to fight.

Yesterday sources told the Mirror how bad the fight was for the samba this weekend – and they responded by claiming he was a tyrant.

The insider said: "It's a tough man, but it's not a bully. It is exhausting to be there but never swears nor deliberately offends.

"She never felt threatened but was left upset by him many times.

"Nothing seems to register with him.

Strictly is Danny John-Jules and Amy ADMIT "intense" line that left her in tears

"The disagreement was about footwork. She was coming back 1, 2, 3, 4 & # 39; and he did not listen and spoke only through her.

"She said she could not take it anymore and she came out, she was not crying around, but started crying as soon as she came out."

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