Danny Vera enters number 1 in Album Top 100

The list, compiled by Dutch Charts, shows the 100 best-selling albums in the Netherlands of that week. The couple Vera has been busy signing and packing CDs and LPs in recent weeks, as can be seen in their vlog.


The New Now was released last Friday. The first single from the album The Weight today came in 40th place in the Dutch Top 40.

No negative noise

The record contains thirteen songs about the time in which we now live. Yet that does not mean a negative noise. The singer from Middelburg also experiences it as a good time, despite corona. “But that’s because very beautiful things are happening in my life right now. I am going to be a father and was able to make good music recently. I enjoyed the peace.”

“I was out of work because of corona, but the hospital visits for hormone treatments were also stopped. It is a different time, but no less beautiful, that is how we suddenly got pregnant in a natural way,” said the singer.

On the new album, next to Danny Vera on vocals and guitar, Reyer Zwart (bass), JP Hoekstra (guitar) and Benny Bakker (drums) play. The New Now was recorded in Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum with Frans Hagenaars. The album was mixed by Vance Powell.


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