Darío Pfister blames Ninel Conde for the divorce of Guillermo Maldonado

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- He Pastor Darío Pfister, based in Switzerland, he again revealed intimate details about the Honduran Apostle Guillermo Maldonado and again accused him of being an adulterer.

This time the leader of the Europe on Fire Ministry he mentioned the mexican Ninel Conde and blamed her for provoking a divorce after 32 years of marriage to Ana de Maldonado.

Pfister said his source gave him the details. “A new name for Guillermo Maldonado’s last lover is Mrs. Ninel Conde.”

“Ninel Conde is a celebrity, she is a well-known woman, it also seems that there is a smokescreen with this man named Larry who, when the divorce issue exploded, began a relationship between Ninel Conde and this Mr. Larry who is doing the chorus for Maldonado to mislead people “added.

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He also assured that in the same King Jesus church there is talk of the love affair between Maldonado and Conde.

“There is an agreement between Larry and Maldonado. Larry needs to launder the money, get it out of Miami, Guillermo Maldonado can do that to him and well, Larry saves his” reputation “, commented.

Pfister reiterated that Guillermo Maldonado has been “100% unfaithful” during his marriage.

So far Ninel Conte has not commented on the strong accusations.


In a previous video, this same pastor accused the apostle of having several children outside of his marriage with the prophet Ana de Maldonado.

He also points out that he has several figureheads, which would be the other pastors of his ministry.

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Even, Darius Pfister assured that Maldonado has put his son Ronald against his mother in exchange for money.

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