‘Darkest Dungeon 2’ Early Access is from Epic Games

is confirmed for early access on October 26th.

what stands out <다키스트 던전 2>‘s Early Access is through the Epic Games Store. After that, the official service version will be released on Steam. previous work <다키스트 던전>It’s a different move from starting early access on Steam and continuing the release.

teaser video was first released in 2019. The teaser video confirmed the participation of street robbers, outlaws, grave robbers, heavy infantrymen, plague doctors, lepers, and occultists, and the narrator of the previous work, Seonjo, appeared as a voice.

According to an interview with the overseas webzine ‘Pishgamer’, <다키스트 던전 2>is expected to deal with the supernatural phenomenon that has spread all over the world beyond the realm, and the story of the protagonist who tries to prevent it.

As it is a sequel, the graphics are also changed to a 3D style, and the gameplay will be different from the dungeons that explored the dungeons in the territory, the map consisting of battles and boss battles will be explored on a carriage to defeat evil. You can also avoid combat if you wish.

New heroes are also added. The new hero’s name is ‘The Fugitive’. <다키스트 던전 2>The new system added to ‘Fire’ is specialized. A fugitive can attack an enemy using a skill that includes ‘fire’ that deals dot damage, blinds the enemy, or heals a blind ally hero.

will be released in Early Access through the Epic Games Store on October 26, 2021. The development team noted that new heroes may be added during Early Access. An official release date has not been set, and no official Korean version has been revealed yet.

<다키스트 던전 2>Play screen of (Source: Red Hook Studios)


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