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Data science|Women’s World Cup 2023 opens a new chapter

Data science|Women’s World Cup 2023 opens a new chapter

On the night of August 16, I watched a very interesting women’s soccer match. When England’s “Lions” and Australia’s “Matildas” met on the field, every moment was full of surprises and tension. This game is not only a competition between the two teams, but also a prospect for the future of women’s football.

Both teams did very well. From the beginning of the game, they showed speed and skill beyond imagination. Although Australia lost to England 1-3, every audience admired their resilience and determination. Australian captain Cole’s goal proved that “Matilda” is not an easy team to beat. Faced with England’s powerful offensive, they showed no sign of weakness and showed an amazing fighting spirit in adversity. This is the best result of Australian women’s football in the World Cup, and it was achieved with their determination and hard work.

The Lyoness is no slouch either. England has always been one of the powerhouses in women’s football and has had a number of impressive achievements in recent years. nonetheless, for them, winning the World Cup has always been a dream. This year, they finally have the opportunity to make history. In the semi-final, England defeated Australia 3-1 and successfully advanced to the final. This victory not only means that they are one step closer to the championship, but also makes people see the progress and growth of women’s football.

Data science|Women’s World Cup 2023 opens a new chapter

Data science|Women’s World Cup 2023 opens a new chapter

This Women’s World Cup is truly an unparalleled football feast. Not only because of the high level of competition, but also because it shows the infinite charm of women’s football. From the first group stage to the current semi-final, every game has attracted a large number of fans and spectators. This World Cup not only received unprecedented attention, but also broke a number of rating and audience records. This is thanks to FIFA’s vigorous promotion and support and investment in women’s football in various countries.

Not only that, this World Cup also attracted many female soccer stars, such as Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and Marta. Their outstanding performance not only added highlights to the game, but also attracted many fans and media attention. And social media also played an important role, not only allowing fans to follow the progress of the game in real time, but also giving them the opportunity to interact with the players, deepening mutual understanding and connection. Discussions on social networks are very heated. Since the beginning of July, the number of discussions has exceeded 2 million dollars. Since the start of the game on July 20, the number of daily discussions on social networks has remained at the level of 75,000. Among them, popular teams such as England, Australia and Norway became the focus of the main topic.

And this World Cup brings more than just intense competition and wonderful performances. It also presents a more open and pluralistic society. Many players, such as Kyah Simon, Quinn, and Tamires, have spoken out about their sexuality, and their courage not only provides great support for the LGBTQ+ community, but also serves as a role model for younger players. This proves that women’s football is not just a sport, but a force for social progress.

As the August 20 final draws closer, fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the final showdown. Regardless of the outcome, this World Cup will go down in history and leave a lasting impression on the future of women’s football. This is not only the result of the hard work and determination of the players, but of the entire women’s soccer community.

Text: Liu Weiliang (Eden) / CEO of social media business application company Tocanan

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