David Cone can empathize with a few catcher Noah Syndergaard


DENVER – No one ever called David Cone diva. He never felt like a diva, even in 2000 when he pushed to work with a catcher rather than Jorge Posada.

However, the Met and current broadcaster of the TES Network did not offer its unconditional support to Noah Syndergaard. Instead, Cone offered a number of counsel to his right sister in dealing with his own arrest crisis.

“I can say it's true. There is a very real element for a hatch to synergy with a catcher, ”Cone said Tuesday in a telephone interview. “The flip side of that, it's still up to a potter to do anything he can to work with any catcher.

“It's a trade-off. If you have a large aggressive catcher, that is also important. ”

A good abusive catcher is aggressive by Mets in Wilson Ramos, the veteran who is struggling with a click of Syndergaard. After the efforts of the two men for the season, including a loss of 9-2 for the Dodgers last week after the Post reported Syndergaard's efforts to go to someone other than Ramos in his earlier start (bad trip against the Phillies), Mickey Callaway confirmed Tuesday that the Syndergaard team intends to combine with former Rene Rivera for the final series on Wednesday against the Rockies at Coors Field.

“We think that the best thing for this game is this night's game, (then) a day game, with this height,” said Callaway. “We are thinking that Noah will go well with him.”

In his wonderful book “Count Count: Education of Pitcher,” he wrote with his colleague YES Jack Curry, Cone detailed the tension that covers his relationship with Posada after the Yankees say goodbye to Joe Girardi, the favorite battery mate Cone, the 1999 season. Conon and Girardi created a strong bond that Cone did not shake the first signs of Girardi if he wanted to wear a different field; Girardi could read Cone's sexual gestures and quickly offered a second choice. Conon and Posada could not replicate this, and Cone lost his trade mark slide, and independently of his keeper.

“He took great pride in calling fields,” said Cone with Posada, who accepted him very much in the book and in our conversation. “Whenever I tried to keep it out, he took it personally. He felt he was not doing a good job. It was not so. My skills are reduced in tandem with this, these dynamics were in conflict. ”

Cone said that when he expressed these frustrations, he did not get any pressure from the manager of Yankees Joe Torre or any other. Cone's explanation: “I was getting lost. They were searching for anything that would take me away. His longest stretch lasted without posada seven times in June and July, followed by Chris Turner's diary.

For the regular season, he ended with a gastly 6.91 ERA, Cone raised 7.19 ERA in 14 games with Posada, 6.14 ERA in 15 games wearing a Turner and 21RA ERA in one start was with Jim Leyritz. His best moment of the season lasted the shortest – he got out of Mike Piazza, his only batter, to bounce off in the World 4 game at Shea Stadium – and with Posada as he caught. Cone never spent another field as Yankee, and interestingly, Turner never played again in the majors after that season.

Jorge Posada, David Cone
Jorge Posada, David ConeAFP / Getty Images

No matter how they want to turn it, the Mets are doing right by giving what Syndergaard wants.

“We need Noah to park well,” said Callaway. “We had to park it well last time. And we thought that it was the combo he made that day, and the lefty (Clayton Kershaw) starting against us. We try to do this every time, promote the best position, and feel tomorrow, because of the best circumstances, this will help us. ”

It cannot be hurt. And Ramos Syndergaard would not hurt those difficulties, while he deals with them the right way.

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