Dax on a recovery course despite further oil price turmoil

Dusseldorf The German stock market starts trading nicely. In the first trading hour, the index was up 1.1 percent at 10,357 points.

The oil price has dominated the market for the second day in a row. The renewed sell-off on the oil market shows that the historic collapse late Monday evening, which temporarily pushed the price of US crude oil down to minus $ 38 a barrel, was not a singular event, not a one-time market failure. It was only the preliminary climax of a crisis that the oil market has never experienced before.

The answer to the question is crucial: If the June futures contract falls on the US variety WTI as well as the May future below zero dollars in the coming weeks?

The price of a barrel (159 liters) of the US grade WTI for delivery in June has dropped to $ 10.30 today, a drop of more than ten percent. The Brent crude price reached $ 15.98 a barrel, the lowest since June 1999.

Netflix’s strong numbers are reassuring on the stock markets. Due to the corona crisis, the streaming service has reached the record number of 15.8 million new subscribers worldwide in just three months. The cautious outlook sent the stock Although one percent in the aftermarket in the US markets, it could have been worse. On the German stock market, the paper rose 3.2 percent at the opening.

The requirements from overseas are mixed. The US markets have given in significantly, but were able to reduce their losses slightly after the market closed in Germany. The futures contracts on the US stock exchanges signal an increase of 0.2 to 0.5 percent at the start of trading. The prices of the shares on the Tokyo stock exchange fell for the second day in succession after the US crude oil slump, and the Chinese indices rose.

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Dates today

The most important number comes from the USA: Because of the oversupply of tank farm capacities, which are apparently almost exhausted worldwide, investors are paying attention to the figures for the US inventory in the afternoon of Central European Time.

On Wednesday, however, company figures are also in focus. Among other things, pose AT&T, Roche and the US tech exchange Nasdaq released their quarterly figures. Chip manufacturer STMicro and US laboratory supplier Thermo Fisher also wrote their books. The latter wants the German competitor Qiagen take over for a good ten billion dollars.
Main focus on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business, Börsianer said

Look at individual values

Wirecard: The “Day X”, the moment of truth is there for the online payment service provider: The final KPMG report is due to be published today – in full, how Wirecard has promised. Management hopes to finally draw a line under the debates of the past. At the opening of the stock exchange, the Wirecard share rose by 2.8 percent.

In the run-up to the publication of the quarterly figures, hedge funds had increased their speculation on falling prices at Wirecard. This quota is now 4.28 percent of all freely tradable shares, i.e. 45.27 million shares. (As of April 20)

Further rising prices are likely to put hedge funds under pressure. Because such a short sale, a speculation on falling prices, follows the following principle: So far, the hedge funds have borrowed and sold the 45.27 million shares of Wirecard shareholders such as investment funds.

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But in order to return these shares, you have to buy them again beforehand. Of course, if possible at a lower rate.

With an average trading volume of around 1.65 million shares per day this buyback of 45.27 million is not easy to implement.
In the past four weeks, the Wirecard share has increased by more than 40 percent, almost 14 percent since the beginning of the year.

STMicroelectronics: Europe’s largest chip manufacturer expects a decline in sales as a result of the collapse in demand in the auto industry due to corona virus. A minus of around ten percent is expected in the second quarter. However, the share price increases by 4.3 percent. The German competitor also benefits from this Infineon. Infineon paper increases by 2.7 percent.

What the chart technique says

There is currently a lot at stake with the leading German index, the German “blue chips” have a lot to lose. If the break in core support proves to be sustainable at around 10,300 to 10,000 meters, according to chart technology, investors must assume that it has a “second pillar”. Specifically, that means: The Dax should drop again towards 8255 points and in extreme cases even undercut the mark.

The closing price on Tuesday was already below the important mark at 10,279 points. The leading index started its rally of 10,279 points in December 2018, which lasted until a record high in February 2020. The brand was “confirmed” on Tuesday last week because the index had ended trading there.

Despite the friendly start on Wednesday, investors should look south. In the course of the upward recovery, two so-called upward price gaps have remained open since mid-March. With such gaps there was no price position during Dax trading, the lowest price on a trading day was higher than the highest price on the previous day. Such upward price gaps are an important resistance, according to chart technology.

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The first gap is closed when the 10,097 points are reached, the second at 9,627 points.

At 11,025 meters there is an important resistance on the top. There is the so-called 50 percent correction of the overarching trend, at which counter-movements very often end. Currently related to the Dax, this means that the downward trend has so far been from the record high in mid-February at 13,795 points to the low point in mid-March at 8255 points.

The 50 percent mark is accordingly at 11,025 points, i.e. exactly in the middle between record high and low point. With the increase to 10,820 points last Tuesday, the index of this brand had already approached. But the focus is currently on the lower price brands.

“When planning wealth, the rule is: never get out completely!”

Here is the page with the DAX course, here is the current tops & flops in the Dax. Current Short sales of investors can be found in our Short sales database.


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