Day Trip to Cold Spring, Completed With Kayaking and Castle


What to do

Take a side trip with the Hudson online Hudson Metro-North and you do not believe your scenic fortune. Each river the whole way, the water takes the sun, expect the surface and you zoom past palisades, scallops and mountains.

If you have taken this train in advance, maybe on the way to Beacon for art or even to Poughkeepsie, you probably noticed Pollepel Island, where the Bannerman Castle is still at cutting is still sitting.

This time, quit the Cold Spring and inquire. The village, which is home to excellent walks, Main Street slag and scams of suburban charm, is also the leading location for awesome kayak tours of the Hudson, including to Pollepel Island and other significant sites.

I was kayaking on which most people call Bannerman Island with Hudson River Expeditions, loop three times, seven miles to be felt as a spiritual reset button. Holiday at the water and hit by mountains, the city's worries melted away.

Look Pretty Good Pub on our Google Map.

What to check out nearby

Enjoy Cold Spring with family or friend. There are plenty of doses for people who do not have kayakers: t

• There is a great hiking in Cold Spring, although there are often crowded paths on the summer weekend. Take the moderate five-mile Currane Corridor and pass through the ruins of the Mansion and the Northgate dairy farm. Or for more intensity, try Breakneck Ridge. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the train will make a special stop close to the corridor if you request it.


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