Days Gone 2: Fans Gather Over 50,000 Signatures for PlayStation to Make Sequel

Days Gone it has starred in more than a few headlines in recent weeks. At the beginning of this month of April it was indicated that Bend Studio would have received a “no” answer from Sony when they asked to work on the second part. of this title, as supported by the sources consulted by the journalist Jason Schreier in order to Bloomberg. That is why players have not hesitated to organize to show their support for the development studio and order a sequel to the biker adventures Deacon St. John. For this they have launched a campaign in that has exceeded 50,000 signatures.

Days Gone 2: Players want more

Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, has been in charge of sharing on his Twitter account the great reception that the initiative has had. Ross left the Sony Bend Studio offices last December, accompanied by John Garvin, creative director and scriptwriter of the title. “Thank you all for bringing the Days Gone petition to 50,000!”, write the director. “No matter where this ends, I just want you all to know how much your love means to me and to the team members. Fans of Days Gone they are the best fans!“he continued.

In the petition, on the other hand, the following can be read: “There are millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2. And I want all the fans to sign this petition. They can’t just part ways with a game so incredible that it ended with enormous suspense. “At the time of this writing the petition already has 53,339 people supporting the motion, with the number constantly going up.

Days Gone 2: What could have been and Sony’s plans

Jason Schreier’s reporting focuses on putting on the table how PlayStation Studios is pouring all its efforts into those sagas considered “best sellers” and the studios that create them, leaving the rest of the developers under Sony’s wings relegated to support teams. A movement that will be developing in parallel to the restructuring of Japan Studio, which we have been attending these months ago.

When Bend Studio turned to Sony in 2019 to develop Days Gone 2, they were met with a negative by the firm. The motives? The poor reception of the game by critics and a pitch that did not have enough support. This week, in fact, we heard Garvin himself say: “Don’t complain that there is no sequel if you didn’t buy the game at full price”, a few words with which he referred to the fact that the game would not have enjoyed enough sales to satisfy Sony. Garvin also dropped that the Metacritic score “is everything” for the Japanese company.

Days Gone 2 would have had a cooperative mode

In the middle of this month, Ross confirmed that Days Gone 2 will have had a cooperative modality. Although the director considers the first game a commercial success, he is aware of the varied criticism this work received. “Days Gone sold more copies than the combined sales of all the games the studio had made. So it was successful in a way, and also in response from the community or players. But the critics … Yes, that was the Normandy beach. A blood bath“.

After receiving the refusal from Sony, it seems that Oregn’s team was dedicated to helping Naughty Dog in his future projects – a Naughty Dog who has already pointed out that they can only focus on one game at a time despite having several in pre-production -. From this part, one half of Bend Studio began to work with the Californians in a multiplayer game (it is not known if it will be the online mode of The Last of Us Parte II or if it will be another game); while the other half began to launch a new Unchartedunder the supervision of Naughty Dog.


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