Dead Giulio Giorello, the wife: “Three days are a nothing, my love”

Dear Julius,
in the house there were only books and notebooks with hand-written notes and texts to be published. No computer, no Internet, no television. No artificial world. Your was full of words to listeners attentive and involved in the conference or a chat between friends in the dinners.

Often you show you in to the words written in the many books and articles around topics that you have treated with a free spirit. You were deeply open even towards the one who was different from you in thought, but that he appreciated your critical sense, as Cardinal Martini.

From the coronavirus were healed but the recovery was hard and slow. Cos we decided to shorten the time of our wedding and give us a day of joy (here is the story of that day). Get married online that was very funny and at the same time formal with the cell interconnected to the protagonists of the event stuck in the library was full. We wanted to share the time we had to live together. It was the 12th of June. But three days are as nothing. 15 you’re gone.

I embrace you strong, my love

16 June 2020 (edit June 16 2020 | 21:46)



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