DealBook Briefing: Democratic Party 2020 is divided on the way to re-start the economy


Good morning Thursday. Breaking: He says that China intends to bring a set of preconditions to the US on trade dealings, t according to the WSJ. More about that below. (Has this email been sent to you? Sign up here.)

The Democratic presidential conductors who took part in the debate last night agreed that the economic policies of President Trump were hampering America. But they were different – sometimes sharp – how to fix it.

Senator Elizabeth Warren the government wants to stop oil and pharmaceutical companies, and replace individual health insurance with individual health care.

Senator Amy Klobuchar they questioned liberal policies as an individual payer's health care and instead demanded modest alternatives such as a government-supported optional health insurance plan.

Senator Cory Booker He said that he felt strongly about “the need to check corporate consolidation,” but not being able to support Mr Warren's call to break up technical giants such as Facebook and Google.

Beto O Rourke want to answer a question about how high it could raise the marginal tax rate for wealthy people, saying, “I want to support a tax rate and tax code that is fair to everyone.” t

Representative John Delaney He recommended that Medicare-for-all be enacted It could break up hospitals across the country.

Main take-away food According to the candidates, America must move left on fiscal policies. But they cannot agree on the recommendations like Medicare-for-all the answer.

Mr. Trump's campaign responded arguing that the Democrats were proposing that “the government would radically take American society that would end the American Dream so that many people have access to the growing Trump economy.

We will hear more from 10 other Democratic competitors – including Joe Biden, Senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg from South Bend, Ind. – tonight at 9 p.m. East.


Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote Today's DealBook in New York, and Michael J. de la Merced and Jamie Condliffe in London.


Pilot project could not follow Boeing instructions quickly and easily to control the plane to get back, and rated the failure as disastrous. The case tested during a normal flight is unlikely, but the F.A.A. he wants to arrange it anyway.

The problem is linked to a specific flight control computer chip, the sources told the NYT. It created a delay in the pilot to put an important step in stabilizing the jet.

“The discovery could take confidence from the assurances Boeing hasIn discussions with regulators, airlines and aviation unions, well trained pilots can easily deal with software malfunction based on their understanding of standard emergency procedures, ”Ms. Kitroeff and Ms. Hsu.

Bigger: Boeing I will not rename the 737 Max.

President Trump was not happy when the Fed did not have lower interest rates last week, although the central bank indicated that it would do so later this year. And it will not allow the question to go.

“This is a man, no one has ever heard it before, and now I did it and he wants to show how hard it is? ”Mr Trump, Jay Powell, chairman of the Fed said yesterday. “He's not doing a good job.” T

The time is, say, odd. Mr Powell himself proposed on Tuesday that the FED could lower interest rates if economic conditions deteriorated – partly as a result of Mr.'s trade war. Trump.

It seems that President Mario Draghi would have preferredpresided over by the president of the European Central Bank. “We should have a Draghi, instead of our fed person,” he said, just after criticizing Mr Draghi for trying to promote the European economy.

Mr Trump again discussed Mr Powell's position. “I have the right to discourage it, I have the right to fire it,” he said, before he added, “I never suggested that I was going to do that.” Mr Powell to be fired, but it is unclear whether he could be discouraged.)

• “Over the past decade, Huawei workers have been working with members of the various organs of the Freedom of the People Army at least 10 research efforts involving artificial intelligence to radio communications.”

• “They include a joint effort with the Chief Military Commission's investigative branch – the main body of the armed forces – to achieve and categorize feelings in online video views, and an initiative with the National University of Ireland minority to explore and analyze ways of doing so. satellite images and geographical coordinates. ”

But Huawei says he was not authorizing the research. “Huawei is unaware of his employees publishing a research paper in their individual capacity,” said Bloomberg spokesman. “Huawei only develops and produces communications products that conform to civilian standards worldwide, and does not define military R&D products.” (It is worth noting that the research comes back to 2006.)

Bigger: Huawei says that in discussions with Verizon and other US companies over royalty payments for the use of its patented technology. it is laundering the globe for new suppliers. And it you lost a court case accused a United States chip designer of stealing trade secrets.

Carl Icahn He is looking for four seats on the Occidental Petroleum board, adding to his opposition to the purchase of the company Anadarko.

Tina Sharkey It is said that he went down as the C.E.O. the Brandless household goods manufacturer in March due to conflicts with the company's largest backup, SoftBank Vision Fund.


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