Death case due to police brutality in Colombia went to the Prosecutor’s Office

The Colombian police last week suspended two of their troops who squeezed and used the Taser pistol against Ordóñez.


The Defense Ministry reported that the Military Criminal Justice referred to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office the case for the death in Bogotá of the lawyer Javier Ordóñez at the hands of two policemen who brutally subjected him last week to what followed protests that have claimed his life than 13 people in the country.

“An office from this jurisdiction has decided to refer to the Attorney General’s Office the actions it was taking in the case of the death of Mr. Javier Ordóñez,” said a statement published by the Defense Ministry on Monday, September 14.

The document detailed that “these types of decisions are adopted when the evidence collected does not allow to affirm that the investigated facts are related to acts of the service.”

Ordóñez, 46, died last Wednesday after being subdued by agents who discharged a Taser electric pistol on him multiple times during an arrest in Bogotá.

After the days of clashes and acts of vandalism, at least 10 people died in Bogotá and another three in the neighboring town of Soacha, victims of gunshots.

Last week, the Colombian police suspended two of its troops who squeezed and used the Taser pistol against Ordóñez, a first step to remove them from the institution, a measure extended to five others linked to the case.

The Colombian Government has said that the violent protests against police abuse were infiltrated by the National Liberation Army (ELN) and dissidents of the Farc, among other groups of “anarchists and terrorists.”

Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo assured that the acts of vandalism and violence were coordinated attacks against the Police, which should be investigated to determine those responsible.

He stressed that the Government shares the outrage at what happened and “guarantees the constitutional right to protest, as long as it is peaceful. But it must also be made very clear: what occurred between Wednesday and Sunday, the vandalism and violence in Bogotá and in other cities of the country, was a coordinated, systematic, planned, premeditated and malicious attack with a single objective: to attack the institutionality ”.

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