Death of Ben Ali, the former Tunisian dictator


Former President of Tunisia, Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, died at the age of 83 on Thursday, September 19 in Saudi Arabia, where he was exiled since 2011. An exile forced by the Jasmine Revolution, which put end to 23 years in power. He was even the first leader swept away by the "Arab Spring". A month before his flight, the Tunisians took to the streets, demanding the end of the tyrant. If the repression took place for several weeks, the army finally rallied the people, whistling the end of Ben Ali's presidency.

In 1987, Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali succeeded Habib Bourguiba, the father of the revolution, who became senile. He then promised freedom and prosperity, but Tunisians will have dictatorship and corruption. But France turns a blind eye, and the presidents will parade with their Tunisian counterpart, maintaining cordial relations.

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