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Deaths from coronavirus in Brazil reach 359 and confirmed cases rise to 9,056

by drbyos

Sixty people died in Brazil in the last 24 hours from thecoronavirus, which brings the total number of deaths from the pandemic to 359, while in the same period 1,146 infections were verified, which added to the previous ones gathered 9,056, the government of President Jair Bolsonaro reported today.

The figures were released this afternoon in the usual report by the Ministry of Health, which considered them as “a natural growth” and still “smooth” of the curve of incidence of the virus, which should accelerate in the coming weeks in this country of 210 million inhabitants.

The Health Minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, again recommended as measures to stop the virus, measures to restrict social life that are criticized by Bolsonaro himself.

“Again, the recommendation to reduce activities and all social dynamics. I do not say restriction or quarantine. It is to minimize contact” between people, especially due to the enormous difficulty of acquiring medical equipment, which is mostly produced in China, Mandetta said at a press conference, according to the EFE news agency.

The minister cited the case of a shipment of 680 respirators that two states in the northeast region of the country had acquired from a Chinese company and was detained after the manufacturer decided, without explanation, to cancel the contract.

“We must have redoubled attention, because until now the virus is more present in the middle and upper classes, but it has not reached with full force in the favelas and working class neighborhoods,” warned Mandetta.

In Brazil “we are just beginning autumn and winter (which will begin in June) will be our worst nightmare,” said the minister regarding the horizon for the coming months.


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