Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Deceptive practices. The vegetable steak will not be able to be called “steak”

Under the Agriculture and Food Bill, an amendment has been adopted to prohibit certain names of misleading foods for the consumer. Products with a high proportion of plant-based materials will no longer be able to borrow terms typical of animal products, such as “steak”, “filet” or “bacon”.

No more misleading denominations for meatless foods. The deputies decided Thursday, April 19 to ban terms like “Soy steak” , “Vegan merguez” or “Bacon taste” food packaging. Products that contain a significant amount of plant-based materials will no longer be able to use the typical names of meat.

This measure is the idea of ​​the rapporteur Jean-Baptiste Moreau ( LREM ), cattle farmer and president of an agricultural cooperative. He proposed this amendment as part of the review of the bill agriculture and food in the Committee on Economic Affairs. It is for him to “Prohibit certain deceptive marketing practices for the consumer” .

Fine in case of non-compliance

The amendment is aimed in particular at products ‘Which associate terms such as’ steak ‘,’ filet ‘,’ bacon ‘,’ sausage ‘with products which are not, or not at all, composed of meat’ . In general, denominations referring to products of animal origin – such as milk, cream or cheese – are concerned.

The significant part of vegetable matter will be fixed by decree. Below a certain rate, the use of these terms will be prohibited. Any breach will be punishable. In case of non-compliance with the decision of a judge ordering the cessation of the misleading commercial practice, the fine can be up to 300,000 euros.

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