Deepin 20 is here and comes full of news

Deepin 20 It is the new major version of the most popular Chinese distribution on the market, a project “dedicated to providing a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe and reliable operating system for all its users,” claim its developers. And from the experience we have with it, we can say that they do not lie … although everything can be qualified.

In any case, Deepin 20 is its first launch for more than a year and if it has been waiting, it is due to important changes in the project that we will report another day. Today we focus on this new version, which arrives loaded with news and covers from the form to the bottom, although as we already told you in the look we gave the beta, the form weighs a lot, and more in Deepin.

News of Deepin 20

Starting from the inside out, the most prominent change in Deepin 20 is that it finally jumps to the latest version of Debian, the distribution on which it is based. Specific, Deepin 20 is based on Debian 10.5, with all the package news that this entails, although Deepin has and maintains a lot of software on its own, beyond its own.

In this sense, the most notable novelty of Deepin 20 is the support of two versions of the Linux kernel, the LTS and a more recent one: Linux 5.4 and Linux 5.7, to be chosen in the installation process. Which of the two is more recommended? In Deepin they point to the last one due to the hardware support improvements it offers, but it is up to the user. Both include the option to boot the installer in safe graphics mode.

Speaking of the system installer, it is another component that is renewed in Deepin 20: the aesthetic adapts to that of the desktop and reorganizes its options and the moment in which it presents the steps. The most prominent addition is the installation of private NVIDIA controllers, whenever it is needed and wanted, of course.

Another important point regarding the system installer is that it requires a 64GB minimum storage space, although they recommend 128GB“For better performance”. The reason for these requirements is because Deepin 20 automatically creates different partitions, including boot, exchange and two for the root, since they have implemented a recovery system without user intervention.

Another improvement highlighted by the developers of Deepin 20 is the fingerprint support, with which it is now possible – as long as the device has this technology – to log in, unlock, verify identity and obtain administrator permissions. Of which nothing is known yet is the voice assistant where they worked.

Deepin 20

Deepin 20

Now entering the desktop, we can add little more to those that we told you at the time: there is a new visual theme, icons and windows, which exploits flat colors and rounded shapes, similar to macOS Big Sur or rather iOS. Be that as it may, Deepin 20 luce genial, offers light and dark theme, transparency adjustment … all with a cohesive style in all the tools of the distribution.

Regarding those own tools, we also advance you improvements in the calendar, which now has several views (day, week, month and year) and allows you to add events. But there are several that show that they have polished their presentation and added functions, such as the file manager or more sensitive pieces such as the software manager, which launches new options to filter applications, or the system configuration, which is detached from the obnoxious side panel to be displayed in a separate window.

In the side panel, however, the notifications remain, very much in the style of macOS. Conversely, the desktop happens to have two dispositions that are moving away from the Cupertino model: there is no dock a la MacBut rather an “elegant mode” modeled on Chrome OS and an “efficient mode” like Windows 10 or Cinnamon. For the rest, Deepin 20 comes with a multitude of corrections and improvements, more complete applications and other changes. It is undoubtedly a very interesting release.

If you want to take a look on your own at Deepin 20, in the official announcement You will find all the details and the download, which as usual is distributed among different sources. Finally, we leave you with the presentation video, where you can see in motion the main novelties of this version.

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