Defeating the United States, China is predicted to be the world’s largest country in 2028 – The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong predicts China’s economy will surpass the United States in the foreseeable future. In fact, China is predicted to be the largest in the world in 2028.

Although currently Uncle Sam’s country is still in first place, China’s economic position is right behind the United States.

“The US is still number one but number two (China) is not that far behind,” said Lee Hsien as quoted by the BBC.

Lee Hsien said the economy in China is developing five years faster than previously predicted. This is a tremendous revival because it happened in the last few years.

“That’s what is difficult for the US to accept,” he said.

Moreover, this was followed by increased aggression, both internally and externally under Xi Jinping’s rule. The fierce trade war between the two superpowers occurred in the last two years. The problem is, the trade war has threatened this fragile balance.

He hopes that Joe Biden as the new leader can dampen the noise that is taking place at this time. He wants Biden to become an American President who believes in multilateralism and international trade.

“(I hope) The new American leader will become someone who believes in multilateralism and international trade,” he said.

Raise Criticism

On the other hand, China’s rise has generated criticism from many countries in the West and concerns among some of its Asian partners. However, Lee Hsien admitted that Singapore could not side with one of these superpowers.

“This is a problem for many countries, therefore we all hope and encourage these two great powers to think very carefully before deciding that other countries are opponents that must be detained, if not eliminated,” he said.

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Lee Hsien said he wanted to see China recognized as a country whose economic growth, development and strength were welcomed by various countries. Have the same opportunity to live a prosperous and stable life together.

“What we want to see is China becoming a country whose growing prosperity, development and strength are welcomed by other countries in the world,” he said.

Lee Hsien believes globalization will continue to live on. Especially with the need to work together on vaccines.

“You can’t help cooperating with each other because when you go back in time. There is poverty and despair and perhaps instability and conflict, “he concluded. [idr]

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