Demand will soar, bad weather forced dozens of coal mines in China to close

ILLUSTRATION. Demand will soar, bad weather forced dozens of coal mines in China to close. Photo source:

Source: Global Times | Editor: SS Kurniawan

KONTAN.CO.ID –┬áBEIJING. Shanxi Province, China’s main coal production base, on Wednesday (6/10) raised its emergency response level to Level 3 for geological disasters. Dozens of coal mines closed.

The decision came after days of heavy rains caused flooding and landslides, which left four people dead and several injured and forced the closure of dozens of coal mines.

Quotes Global Times, heavy rains forced the Shanxi Government to close 27 coal mines, further exacerbating supply concerns amid the electricity crisis in parts of China.

The Shanxi government also closed another 99 mines and seven chemical plants.

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Meteorologists said rainfall in Shanxi at the end of September was 431% higher than the same period in previous years, saturating the soil in some areas and increasing the risk of geological disasters.

Heavy rains also caused flooding in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi on Tuesday (5/10), with the deepest part exceeding one meter, affecting nearly 200 families living in three buildings.

Shanxi Province issued a geological and meteorological disaster risk warning for three consecutive days. Dozens of tourist attractions in Shanxi and the neighboring provinces of Shaanxi and Gansu were also closed due to heavy rains.

In Shanxi, 74 tourist attractions, including one of the most famous ancient cities of Pingyao, were closed when the Provincial Center for Flood Control and Drought Relief issued an emergency warning Monday.

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