Demanded 12 years in prison for kidnapping and throwing Dutch people into the sea in Curaçao

The Public Prosecution Service in Curaçao has demanded twelve years in prison against a man and a woman suspected of kidnapping a 17-year-old Dutch girl. She would also have been robbed, assaulted, tied up and thrown into the sea from the rocks. The trainee from Haaksbergen survived that night by hiding in the water under a rock.

The two suspects, Shelomi P. (30) and Azanahil M. (34), allegedly gave the intern a lift and then forced him to withdraw money. After the girl was thrown into the sea at night, she managed to swim to a beach the next morning, where she was helped by a woman who took her to the police.

Confession of guilt withdrawn

The suspects reported themselves to the police, after they had distributed security footage of the moment they stood at an ATM with the Dutch girl. They pleaded guilty at an earlier session in January, but yesterday they retracted that confession. They stated that the Haaksbergse wanted to buy drugs from them, but had no money with him.

When the debit card failed, one of the suspects would have just caught her and withdrawn more money than intended. According to the prosecutor, the two previously followed the entire route during a reconstruction and indicated where they went with the victim last August.

The court in Curaçao will rule in three weeks.

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