Dementia patients. Their goal? ‘A full belly laugh’


(Jeneta St. Clair) Muriel Klein and comedian Michael Piper-Younie in July 2019

The New Los Angeles home in 2016, she noticed that her mom, then 84, was sad and withdrawn.

Muriel Klein, even with her memory loss. She kept her head down and slept a lot.

“I was really upset, thinking,‘ What have I done? Why did I take her from everything she loved in Manhattan? '”Modisett said.

During a dental exam one afternoon, Modisett, author and former stand-up comedian, she said she could hire a comedian for her.

“Why dont you?” Her dentist replied.

Eight hours a week.

The very first day, the comedian told Klein: “Some days, I dont want to talk either, Muriel. "I think, I (expletive), do I look like I want to talk? '”

Klein repeated the expletive – a Yiddish word – laughing. Then it was repeated. She lit up.

“After that visit, my mom has become more involved in the University of California at Los Angeles. “She felt that she was being seen.”

Laughter on Call, in the early part of 2017, and the Alzheimer's patients. The group also puts on laughter workshops and live comedy shows at care centers.

Dani Klein Modisett with her mother, Muriel Klein, in Los Angeles in April 2017. (Courtesy of Dani Klein Modisett) (Courtesy Dani Klein Modisett / Courtesy Dani Klein Modisett)

Per hour for one-on-one visits – said modisett, 56.

“Comedians can use the laughter,” she said.

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Laughter on Call's two dozen comedians work mostly in California, BUT Some of the comedians ar i Clients in other states. Across the country.

In Los Angeles, comedian Marty Ross, 79, took up 15 years ago after nearly five decades in retail.

“Bringing laughter to seniors, especially seniors with Alzheimer's, this is heartwarming,” said Ross, who lives in Santa Clarita, Calif. “The realization” t “The realization”

Modisett’s mother now received twice-weekly visits from Michael Piper-Younie, 40, a stand-up comedian from Los Angeles

“Spending time with Muriel genuinely makes me feel better about my own day-to-day,” he said. “When she sees me, the excitement in her face is palpable. She is a huge smile and reaches out a challenge to hand.

For two hours, Piper-Younie funny stories and make silly During their time together, she never lets of his hand.

“We've developed a special bond,” he said. “I feel honored to be a companion. When I get her to a full belly laugh, it really makes my heart sing. ”

California. Tmust be seen. T

Diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2011, Klein initially argued with bank deposit slip, Modisett said.

In Manhattan, ”she said.

The various caregivers and helpers were costing $ 15,000 to $ 17,000 a month.

Now 87, Klein seems more at peace with herself, said Modisett. She smiles when she wakes up at her care center.

Laughter on Call. T

“It helps them,” says Juliana Rocha, director of resident in Los Angeles.

Redd said.

“They're smiling, they're engaging,” they said. “That kind of dementia.” T

Modisett added. T

“Through laughter, let's start and talk those personalities out,” she said. “May be feeling confused, isolated or lonely.” T

She recalled a recent afternoon when a team of comersians put on a “Titanic Remembrance Day” show a dozen people with dementia.

Some of Laughter on Call’s comedians in August 2019. (Olivia Saperstein)

Gra Amazing Grace, ’'Modisett said. “I was witnessing something remarkable.” T

For that hour. Only happiness. ”

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