Demi Lovato sweeps her latest look by shaving her head

Demi Lovato She is one of the most recognized artists on the American scene and in recent weeks his love life has transcended more than his professional career. To this, it has been added that in recent days he has decided to radically change his look with an image that his followers did not expect and that little resembles the one he presented until a few dates ago.

After their breakup, new ‘look

The American is determined to change her lifestyle again after breaking her engagement with Max Ehrich, a cancellation that her ex-partner allegedly learned about from the press. This last point is not surprising for Demi Lovato fans, since for a few years she has not used to lead a very stable life.

While just a week ago he took center stage during the gala of the ‘People’s Choice Awards‘with their wardrobe changes and her wig game between blonde and brunette, in the last hours she has opted for a radical change of hairstyle that goes through shaving part of her head and being blonde.

“I’ve done one thing …”, Demi Lovato began announcing on social media to his more than 93 million followers. It would not be the only image with which the actress and singer wanted to share her new look, since the main one was accompanied by two more publications in which she showed her new face. In the first of them, the American posed with her back to the camera, revealing her shaved neck, something that gave an idea of ​​what she had done with her hairstyle.

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The two sides of the head were added to the nape of the neck, one of them covering the part of the fringe that has decided to leave something longer and completely blonde. It didn’t take long for social networks to echo this striking look which adds to the list of its changes in recent times. Especially radical is the latter, since in the images she does not look like herself. It is clear that Demi Lovato has decided to change her lifestyle and start a new stage after her return to singleness.

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