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Democratic primaries: Biden galvanized on the eve of his duel with Sanders

Soaring in the polls, rallies to the channel … Joe Biden has many reasons to rejoice, Monday March 9, 2020. And for good reason, the Democrat is in a position of strength on the eve of his first duel with the socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. After a difficult start to the campaign, the former vice-president of Barack Obama, 77, has returned to the place of favorite in the race to appoint Donald Trump’s opponent for the presidential election on November 3. Some 52% of Democratic voters want this moderate-text political veteran to wear the party colors, compared to 36% for his rival Bernie Sanders, 78, champion of the left, according to a CNN poll published Monday morning. With 51% and 27% of voting intentions respectively, according to a survey of Detroit Free Pressthe gap is even greater for Michigan alone, the most populous of the six states, where polls are scheduled for Tuesday.

In 2016, already in the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders had clearly preceded Hillary Clinton in this industrial state of the Great Lakes region and a setback this year would strike a blow to his campaign. But, at the time, he had falsified the polls and everything remains possible. Voters in North Dakota, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri and Washington are also called upon to decide between the two seventies in their first confrontation since Super Tuesday, which was fatal to several contenders. Poor results in the 14 states at stake have forced multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg or Senator Elizabeth Warren to throw in the towel. If the latter still reserves its choice, most of the former candidates have since joined Joe Biden.

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” The right person “

After Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar or even Kamala Harris, the black senator Cory Booker gave him his support on Monday in the name of the “gathering” necessary to avoid the scattering of voices. “It is time we beat Donald Trump and it has become very clear to me that Joe Biden is the right person for this,” he said on CBS. “We must unite and show our strength,” he added. Bernie Sanders’ proposals on the health care system, education or the minimum wage, far left for the United States, are frightening within the Democratic establishment.

Donald Trump, who would obviously prefer to do battle with Bernie Sanders, continues to ensure that the democratic apparatus tries to dismiss it. “Now the Democrats are trying to smear Bernie with Russia, Russia, Russia. They drive him crazy! He tweeted again Monday, referring to debates on a trip to the Soviet Union by Bernie Sanders shortly after his marriage.

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Even if the wind seems to have turned for a week, the senator from Vermont still has very strong support in certain segments of the population, especially among young people and Hispanics, and determined activists on the ground. He was also dubbed Sunday by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, a figure in the fight for civil rights. Determined to fight, he promises to join Joe Biden if he wins. But he does not miss any opportunity to scratch the record of his rival, including his past votes for the American intervention in Iraq or cuts in health insurance.

On Monday, the two men were campaigning in Michigan, which swung a hair in favor of Donald Trump in 2016. Joe Biden, rather popular in the working world, will be in Grand Rapids and Flint, marked by a water scandal contaminated. Bernie Sanders will participate in a round table on the new coronavirus in Detroit. The epidemic has affected more than 500 people in the United States and killed at least 21 people. Schools have closed and major meetings have been canceled, but for the moment the campaign is not affected.

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