Dengue Fever Season, This is the Suggestion of the Mayor of Surabaya

Surabaya ( – Deputy mayor of Surabaya, Armuji appealed to work together and increase vigilance in anticipation of Dengue Fever (DHF).

“Ladies and gentlemen, on this occasion we convey, through mutual cooperation we have survived the pandemic. Now I ask to increase vigilance to anticipate dengue fever,” said Armuji while participating in the gymnastics with hundreds of health cadres in Wonokromo district at Thor Square, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

By using a bicycle, Armuji mingled with the health cadres, some of whom served as larvae monitors in each RW.

Cak Ji, as Armuji is familiarly called, said that the increase in the salary of Health cadres to Rp. 400 thousand per month was a form of embodiment of the commitment of the Eri – Armuji government.

The Surabaya City Government is also committed to eradicating dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in the rainy season this year. The Puskesmas and 26,541 health cadres of the City of Surabaya were mobilized to jointly eradicate dengue fever.

“Don’t let us be careless, what are you doing with the Surabaya city government for the health of the entire population,” said Cak Ji.

Increased awareness can be done by eradicating mosquito nests with 3M plus (PSN 3M plus), namely draining and brushing the bath or pool of water at least once a week, tightly closing water reservoirs such as jars, reservoirs, water drums, and others. to prevent mosquito larvae or eggs.

In addition, Cak Ji also ensures that all activities to prevent and control dengue disease must always be carried out with due regard to health protocols.

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“We have to be aware of dengue fever but we must continue to progress. Because right now it’s still the Covid-19 pandemic, even though the conditions have started to slop, “said the number two person at the Surabaya City Government. [asg/but]


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