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Department of Health provides Vaccination Room in Vapt Vupt Papicu – Ceará State Government

August 19, 2023 – 08:00
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Sesa’s vaccination coordinator, Ana Karine Borges, drew attention to the benefits of keeping the vaccination schedule up to date.

In that on fridayOn Thursday (18), the Secretary of Health of Ceará, Tânia Mara Coelho, and the Secretary of Social Protection, Onélia Santana, officially inaugurated the new Vaccination Room at Vapt Vupt Papicu, located in the RioMar Fortaleza shopping center. The initiative has a partnership with the City Hall of Fortaleza.

The Sesa holder emphasizes the safety of vaccinations. “The vaccine available here has the protection and safety of any health center and private clinic as well, because we have the entire conservation structure. The population can ter the certainty that you are taking a vaccine with safety and quality “, he pointed out.

Managers and health professionals participated in the event

The manager of the Secretariat of Social Protection (SPS), Onélia Santana, emphasizes the importance of the partnership between the 2 portfolios of the State government, in order to benefit the population. “This vaccination room is the result of a strong partnership with the Ceará Health Department. It is a very important joint effort. Here, the population who come to make a purchase can take advantage of the vaccination. It is a way to bring more health to the population”, he declared.

Sesa’s vaccination coordinator, Ana Karine Borges, drew attention to the benefits of keeping the vaccination calendar up to date. “It is very important to use this service, as if you take the vaccine, you not only protect yourself, but also the community”, he emphasized.

Also participating in the event were the Executive Secretary of Health Surveillance, Antonio Silva Lima Neto (Tanta); Superintendent of the Ceará School of Public Health (ESP/CE), Luciano Pamplona; Fortaleza’s immunization coordinator, Vanessa Soldatelli, along with other managers and health professionals.

Vaccinations must be due

On site, several vaccines are offered to the population, such as: bivalent covid, hepatitis B, yellow fever, viral and bacterial tripe, meningitis, meningococcal C, pentavalent, rotavirus, varicella, HPV and polio. All immunologics are distributed by the Unified Health System (SUS) free of charge. To use the service, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance. nthe vapt vupt website.

Registrants will undergo evaluation by the vaccinator team, and analysis of their card and vaccination status

Up to 30 people must be served every day, between 8am and 5pm, from second a on friday– just Those registered will undergo evaluation by the vaccination team, and analysis of the cards and the vaccination status, indicating the necessary immunobiologicals and the doses of the vaccination schedule that should be taken.


With little time available during the week, saleswoman Maíza Teixeira still could not go to the health center to update her vaccination card. With the opening of the new vaccination room, it has become easier to get the flu shot. “I knew yesterday, on TV, who could shoot me here in the mall. Since I work in sales, I don’t have much time to go to the gas station. I like to always have my vaccinations up to date, so I don’t get sick. For example, take a stronger flu”, he pointed out.

The organization and practice of this space attracted the attention of retired Antonieta Soares

Retired Antonieta Soares, 84 years old, loved the organization of the space and its practices. “The vaccine is health and life. So, if we do it at the right time, our health is guaranteed. I found the room very organized.”

About VaptVupt

Vapt Vupt works as a support center for the population, bringing together different bodies and services in one space. Fortaleza has four units, located downtown and in the neighborhoods of Antônio Bezerra, Messejana and Papicu. The other two units are located in the municipalities of Juazeiro do Norte and Sobral. Currently, facilities in Papicu, Antônio Bezerra and Messejana, in Fortaleza, and in Juazeiro do Norte have a Vaccination Room.


Vaccination room at Vapt Vupt Papicu
Opening hours: 8am to 5pm
Location: Shopping RioMar Fortaleza
Rua Desembargador Lauro Nogueira, 1.500 – Floor L2
Phone: (85) 3194-4600

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