Deputies ask the TSE to act for “advanced campaign” carried out by Bukele in Independence speech | News from El Salvador

ARENA and the FMLN stated that the Electoral Tribunal must sanction the president.

“This has to do with the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal), it is not possible that the first magistrate, an important head of the country who is the President of the Republic, who represents the State is the main violator of the electoral law and the democratic rules established in the country, we are not in the time to be asking for the vote, ”explained the FMLN faction leader, Nidia Díaz.

The MP deputy alluded to the issue through the speech delivered by President Nayib Bukele yesterday on Independence Day.

In a speech in which a call for the unity of the country was expected, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that has claimed the lives of hundreds of Salvadorans; Bukele highlighted the achievements that have been obtained in his mandate with the execution of social works, infrastructure and improvements in public safety, which, as he said, “for more dirty campaign with legislative visions and interpellations cannot be denied.”

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Díaz pointed out that the Electoral Code indicates the dates to campaign and it is not the time according to the electoral regulations.

“The electoral law indicates that we are not in campaign time, the vote is requested for deputies as of December 28 and the request for the vote for mayors is 30 days, it begins in January, “said Díaz, so he considered that Bukele” already anticipated “those dates.

For his part, the ARENA deputy, René Portillo Cuadra, stated that “yesterday the president committed another unconstitutionality, which is to ask for a vote outside the electoral campaign, there is a scheduled date to campaign and he was asking that they not vote for some parties, the TSE must sanction the president with a fine for campaigning out of time ”.


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