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Derby County goes bankrupt and faces a deduction of more than 20 points

Derby County is drowning in huge trouble. Already in May, it was saved in the second English league only in the last round, then in the summer due to late payouts almost decided the English Football League to deduct six points, and now those minus points may be only 21 after the club announced entry yesterday.

Derby County’s website explained in detail what the traditional club had brought to the brink of bankruptcy – including the collapse of the club’s buyout negotiations in January 2020 and the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, which cost the Rams about £ 20 million in losses.

With the first coaching engagement of the legendary Wayne Rooney, it goes from ten to five. After last year’s difficult finals, this time there may be nothing to play for: Derby County faces the possibility of deducting nine points due to “non-standard accounting practices”, and then 12 additional points are automatically deducted for entering the administration. that he will not miss any payout deadline by January.

Already in May, Derby County reportedly owed around £ 60 million, with owner Mel Morris not marching twice in an effort to sell the two-time English champion of the 1970s.

In addition, the misfortune haunts Derby on the lawn. During that training session in the summer, Rooney accidentally injured his own charge, Jason Knight, scoring just seven points from the seven opening rounds of the League Championship on the Derby arenas.

The eventual collapse of Derby County would undoubtedly shake the English football field, as it is one of the 12 founders of the original Football League in 1888, who, as one of 10 clubs, has spent all seasons in the league – only four outside the top two competitions.

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