Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Derrick Henry's glorious night of racing included 238 yards, four touchdowns and an epic steep arm.

Titans midfielder Derrick Henry must feel some Heisman Trophy fever before the award. the The winner of the 2015 Heisman presented a show during the rout of the Tennessee 30-9 in Jacksonville on Thursday night.

Deploying his deadly stiff arm and long strides, Henry ran for 219 yards and four touchdowns early in the fourth quarter. He finished with 238 yards in 17 races.

His 99-yard touchdown in the second quarter inflamed the internet and allowed Tony Dorsett to make the connection with the longest touchdown in NFL history.

Using the conventional scores of fantastic football, it's 45.9 points.

And after that, Henry has not finished yet. In fact, his night was far from over. He had more Jaguar defenders to cross to go to the end zone.

As you can see here:

And here, with that 54-yard touchdown that happened less than two minutes later:

Henry had a chance for a fifth – yes, five – touchdown in the fourth quarter, when the Titans were first set up and goal for the 1 yard line from Jacksonville. But Tennessee on the first try was awarded to Dion Lewis, who was drunk at the line of scrimmage.

Fans chanted, "Henry! Henry! And coach Mike Vrabel looked back to heading into the group, but Henry seemed to shake Vrabel. Again, Lewis could not break the goal line in second place, and Henry returned to the entourage for the next match.

The Titans escaped the ball, but the Jaguar 's defense met him for a loss of one meter. The fans rose again shouting, "Come on! Go! Come on! While Vrabel weighed his options in fourth place.

He left his offense on the ground. Quarterback Marcus Mariota simulated a hand in the center, but launched an incomplete pass.

Never mind. The Titans settled for Henry's Herculean effort.

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