Design does matter for the Galaxy Watch4

Lifestyles, however diverse, have one thing in common: self-expression. What we wear, the life we ​​live and even the devices we buy, have our personality.

Following changes in such trends, Smart Watches have evolved to be part of this movement for self-expression and serie Galaxy Watch4 Samsung Electronics is no exception. Its perfectly rounded shape continues the unique identity of the Galaxy Watch series, and the various straps satisfy all kinds of personalities and preferences.

The Galaxy Watch4 as a central element

The circle is the central element, the founding identity of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung designers have worked hard to create this intuitive structure with all the basic qualities of a watch, avoiding anything complicated or distracting, in order to develop a truly differentiated product.

By eliminating any unnecessary decorative elements and focusing on the true essence of the device, the designers of the Galaxy Watch series have created a watch design that is not only timeless, but is also the perfect complement to any wearer’s wrist.

A singular identity

The Galaxy Watch4 and the Galaxy Watch4 Classic they share a single design language and therefore a consistent identity. Perfecting the concept of the circle, a continuous line from the screen to the shell structure and strap has been applied to both models, and instead of pursuing differentiated design ideas such as ‘minimalist’ or ‘classic’ as before, the designers Samsung have really perfected the concept of the circle to create a more daring and unique design.

“The way the case structure wraps around the screen makes the information on the screen more noticeable, and the continuous strap of the smartwatch provides a comfortable fit.” (Juan Lee, designer, Kenzi Yamauchi, designer)

Perfect aesthetics and fit

The Galaxy Watch4 strap connects seamlessly and effortlessly to the watch body. Samsung designers created a silhouette that serves as an outline for the circular frame to better emphasize the screen. The design of the body line is not only crucial for aesthetic appeal, but also to provide an optimal fit for wearers. The designers conducted countless mockup tests to create the slimmest and most flexible line design possible that also offers users a natural and comfortable fit on their wrists.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Meticulous design

A smart watch can help a user track their movement and other health-related information, since it is so close in contact with the user’s body. Samsung’s designers focused on their “monitoring” aspect of the smartwatch and considered various ways to improve the fit and stability of the watch for this purpose.

The result of this development process is the H-Wing strap. The Galaxy Watch4 series H-Wing strap connects to the display and ensures that the sensors under the watch are firmly attached to the wearer’s wrist. This safety provides a stable ergonomic fit with greater precision for tasks such as measuring the user’s heart rate or ECG.

Effective materials

Samsung designers made sure to produce a strap for the Galaxy Watch4 series that can meet the user’s expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The resulting Hybrid Leather Band was meticulously designed with these two standards in mind: its exterior is made of leather, while the interior of the strap is made of sweat-resistant fluoroelastomer (FKM). While the outer and inner sides of the strap are made from different materials, they come together seamlessly thanks to a unified color scheme.

“The material and colors of the strap reflect the characteristics of users who want a change.” (Jungsang Park, designer, Sangsoo Lee, designer)

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Various options to customize

Color is a design element that allows self-expression while bringing a product to life. That’s why designers developed a variety of strap colors based on the latest global trends so that wearers can complete their look in style.

The housing structure of the Galaxy Watch4 comes in Black, Green, Silver and Pink gold, while the Galaxy Watch4 Classic comes in the classic shades of black and silver. The wide selection of straps for the series comes in a variety of colors that complement both the watch cases and their function, including the Sport Band, Ridge Sport Band, Extreme Sport Band, Hybrid Leather Band, and Milanese Band. These straps can be purchased separately so that users can choose their straps as they see fit.

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Your style, your way

A smartwatch is the perfect way to show your own personal style and aesthetic, a subtle yet powerful means of self-expression as it accompanies you everywhere. Galaxy Watch4 users can select and combine the case and strap components as they wish to build their own unique smartwatch – there are over a thousand potential combinations1 available. The Galaxy Watch4 series has been designed to allow users to fully express themselves in the same way as they would with their smartphone case.

Rather than having a default frame or strap combination, users can choose and match the different body frame colors and strap types through the Galaxy Watch Design Studio when shopping online. Beyond a smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch4 is truly a gift to ourselves that reflects our true values.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

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