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Design pot holders for indoor plants: the most beautiful

Indoor plants, the design pot holders to be stored.

A great idea to spice up the interior of a more welcoming home and at the same time to enliven it, it is represented by plants for apartment.

Especially in the spring period i indoor pot holder design can be placed near the windows and with tropical plants or flower pots, make the interior of the houses elegant.

The choice of design pot holders

For choosing a indoor design pot holder it must be borne in mind that they must be in harmony with the style of furniture of the house. The specimens that can be found on the market are essentially of 2 types, those “containers”, in which gods are inserted small pots to hide even partially visible because they are damaged or the displays, which guarantee a touch of beauty to the furniture.

The first group includes the “cachepot”, with specimens of all styles and sizes. The materials in which they are made are the most varied; it goes from those in ceramic with various decorations, to textile ones, such as basket, which are often made with an eye to craftsmanship, mostly African, but also to the folk style.

Some of these design pot holder they can be connected to the surfaces where they are placed and also to the objects found in the environment, and in some cases they are small in size that can be placed on desks with small succulent plants inside.

The elegant indoor pot holders

The modern style furnishing pot holders are real structures on which to place flowers and plants and are also made with multiple floors. It starts with those that are suitable for “all budgets” that are found for example at the IKEA stores and you get to real design elements like the one called “Tree” which was created by Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta brand, which is almost a vertical forest to be placed in the living room.

Other types of structures are those suspended or those from place on the wall, with which it is possible to create real gardens. One of the models that belong to this category is Boskke, really unusual and characterized by overturned pot holders.

The green thumb it is notoriously a feature of those who love gardening, and even in the case of design pot holders particular attention is paid to the materials which are in most cases terracotta, natural fibers and recyclable metals. Only on a few occasions are they made with plastic, which comes from recovery.


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