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Desperate, Sandrine received the same letter from SPW Finance 20 times: “Does Wallonia have too much money?”

It was a strange situation that prompted Sandrine, 47, to click the orange “Alert Us” button on our RTL INFO website.

In April, our readers received mail … Lots of mail. And always the same. Within ten days, at her home in Ougrée, Sandrine opened almost 20 EXACTLY the same letter the Wallonia Public Service sent. And in 20 separate envelopes. “The first day, I received the same letter in two copies, I told myself that it was maybe a mistake. But since then, I have received two or three times a week, with three identical letters each time at the same time. “

Fortunately for Sandrine, this is a cadastral income information letter. Nothing is really bad, then. “If it was complaints, it would be more asthma, for sure!”our witness comments.

Yes, but that doesn’t entertain anymore Sandrine who sees mostly in this funny situation the taxpayer’s money wasted and subjected to what she imagines is a computer bug. “It would be almost funny if not the money thrown out the window …”he complains. “It’s more distressing than funny, to tell the truth. Does Wallonia have too much money?”

“Missynchronized operations”

For its part, SPW Finance has confirmed that a letter has been sent “to all tenants who benefit from a reduction” to let them know their rights. Good news, therefore, who indeed encountered a logistical problem. “In early December 2021, when the first mail was to be generated, we realized that some mail was not, they tell us. PTo resolve this issue and send the emails, we had to wait for a new version of our application. This version was installed in March 2022. “

“At the time of the follow-up, we realized that some tenants would receive several letters. After analysis, it came from two missynchronized IT operations, we continue in the SPW. That’s why we interrupted the dispatch, but in the meantime a series of multiple letters were sent. An urgent improvement request has been written to our IT service provider to resolve this issue. We are waiting for a corrective version. “

A “marginal” additional cost

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SPW Finance found this problem in the past “on a single chakral group”. “It is a group of 644 tenants and is managed by a public housing company.” The additional cost of this dangerous operation therefore remains “marginal”, specify the utility, indicating however that the computer rectification will not be at its expense, but in that of its service provider.

Regarding sending mail by mail, it can be asked at a time when ecological and financial economies must be controlled. “The use of ebox will expand this year”they tell us, while reminding that the electronic format will never be imposed or definitive for users.

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