Despite agreement with Mexico, Democrats denounce Trump method


Washington – The US Democrats on Sunday downplayed the deal with Mexico pulled by Donald Trump to stem the arrival of illegal immigrants, denouncing the "permanent" trade wars of the US president against his allies.

"The world can do no more, and I can not stand this president who keeps declaring wars, verbal wars to our neighbors, whether Mexico or Canada", said Senator Bernie Sanders, candidate for the Democratic primaries to challenge the Republican billionaire in 2020.

"We need a good relationship with Mexico. They are our allies, like Canada. We should not be in a permanent confrontation with them", he added on the CNN channel.

Donald Trump once again waved his favorite threat, customs duties, to force Mexico to toughen its policy against the tens of thousands of migrants who cross its territory each month from Central America to enter the United States illegally.

After several days of tense negotiations, and just before the expiry of the ultimatum by the White House tenant, Washington and Mexico reached an agreement on Friday night.

Mexico escapes, for the moment, the customs taxes on its products exported to the United States that the businessman was preparing to start on Monday.

A success of the Trump method, have welcomed his supporters. "He uses tariffs as a means of pressure in trade negotiations, and I think he used them as a means of pressure in this situation brilliantly", congratulated Republican Senator Ron Johnson on the Fox News channel.

– "Everything is new"-

But it is precisely the diversion of the tariff weapon, already brandished or implemented on many commercial fronts, with China, the European Union or even Canada, which is disputed by its detractors.

The head of Democrats in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had since Saturday estimated that "threats and tantrums" they were not "not a way to negotiate a foreign policy".

"There are six million jobs in this country that depend on US-Mexico trade"Another White Democrat candidate, Beto O'Rourke, said on ABC Sunday."Farmers are already in trouble because of this president's trade war with China","they can not suffer more from him", added the former Texas elected.

Above all, Bernie Sanders and Beto O'Rourke both took up the argument that Donald Trump did not get anything new from Mexico City.

The efforts promised by Mexico are the ones he "had agreed to do it several months ago", assured the first."The President got nothing but jeopardizing the most important trade relationship for the United States", added the second.

According to the New York Times, which quotes officials from both countries, the measures taken by the Mexican government Friday had already been the subject of similar promises made to the US administration in recent months.

This is the case of the deployment of its national guard at the southern border of Mexico, promised in March, or the decision to force asylum seekers in the United States to wait for the examination of their file on the Mexican side, at the heart of an agreement that dates back to last December, writes the daily.

"False", replied Donald Trump on Twitter, ensuring that only his threats had made the Mexican commitments materialize, before saying that additional measures had been agreed but would be announced only"When the time comes".

And if the agreement does not bear fruit, "we can always return to our position, very effective, on the tariffs"he added, determined not to put the commercial weapon in the closet.


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