Details surfaced than Kolya from “Real Boys” made a living before filming in the series

The video confirming this was definitely shot before the release of the first episode of The Boys.

While the country expects the release of the new 13 season of “Real Boys” with Nikolai Naumov in the title role, details of the actor’s life surfaced before filming on TNT. It’s very difficult to accurately date the video, but according to the style and quality of the picture, we can assume that it was shot in the zero years, exactly a few years before the first episode of the first season.

The guy in the lead role of this Goodyear commercial is so much like a Russian actor that there is no doubt that this is the same Kolya. Moreover, according to the plot, a car broke down on his road, and he climbed to repair it. It’s worth remembering that in “Real Boys” Nikolai and his friends, some kind of mechanics “from God”, are working on tire fitting, at least at the beginning of a career.

Thus, the picture emerges that Nikolai Naumov earned his living before filming on TNT by participating in commercials. It is likely that he also had other episodic roles. In this case, we can safely assume that his film career began long before the filming of the famous series.


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