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Detainees who died in Fleury-Mérogis prison: what we know

What is happening in Fleury-Mérogis Prison? In just over a month, six inmates died there. A figure for the least disturbing, as emphasized this Thursday, April 19 ” the Parisian revealing the information: Four of these prisoners have committed suicide, two have died in circumstances that remain to be determined, what do we know about these dramas?

Tuesday, April 17th. A man in custody since the end of last year kills himself in his cell building D3. This is the fourth inmate suicide in just over a month in the largest prison in Europe with its 4,100 detainees according to the OIP, International Prison Observatory, quoted by the daily. What is happening in this building especially?

“There is a problem of malaise, including the building D3, but impossible to know the cause,” said only a supervisor with the “Parisian”, which states that the Prison Service did not wish to comment.

Weekend from April 7th to 8th. A 21-year-old detainee from building D3 is found unconscious in his cell in the early hours of the morning. According to the newspaper, he was sick the day before, “vomiting”, and a doctor saw him before he returned to his cell. The prisoner of this young man would have called several times the staff to help, still according to the newspaper, which quotes an internal source in the prison stating a “plausible error of diagnosis”. However, according to an AFP union source, the prisoner “used the emergency interphone at 6:40 am, and the guards immediately came to the cell”.

“Fleury is nevertheless one of the least well endowed establishments in health professionals, there is a doctor of guard all the night, but still it is necessary that it is available and especially called by the supervisors”, explains in particular with the daily François Bes, from the OIP.

Thursday, April 5 . A 39-year-old detainee is beaten to death during a fight in a boardwalk. Locked in building D5, he was serving a sentence of two months and was to leave the next day, still according to “the Parisian” who indicates that he was attacked from his arrival on a walk, “surrounded, then beaten by other inmates “. For a debt related to a narcotics case? Possible, according to the daily. Transferred to hospital emergency, this man remained brain dead about ten days before succumbing to his injuries last Monday. “There were a hundred inmates in the court”, and many hearings of witnesses are under way, according to the parquet of Evry.

“Inmates circled him to hide the scene from CCTV and he was beaten,” the same union source told AFP.

Two investigations are currently being conducted by the Evry gendarmerie research brigade. They must determine the precise circumstances of the death of these inmates.


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