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Deutsche Telekom offers users free services

by drbyos
Telekom boss Timotheus Höttges

The Dax group increases the data volume for its customers.

(Photo: AP)

Dusseldorf Because of the corona virus pandemic, the Deutsche Telekom free offers to their customers. “Every mobile phone customer gets an additional ten gigabytes of data volume,” said CEO Timotheus Höttges in a video message. And every customer gets the Disney + streaming service for six months free of charge.

“We are now helping companies to make working from home even easier for their employees,” continued Höttges. Business customers receive the Office 365 and WebExConferencing services for a limited period of three months. Schools also receive conference services free of charge for three months.

A few days earlier, Telekom’s US subsidiary, T-Mobile US, in response to the coronavirus outbreak, provided its customers with unlimited data volumes and announced that it would turn a blind eye to unpaid bills.

Now the parent company for Germany has followed suit with its own range of offers. “Covid-19 challenges us. But I am encouraged that we are currently experiencing strong signs of solidarity, ”said Höttges. Telekom wants to make its contribution. “Our network is the lifeline of digital coexistence, which is so important right now.”

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