Developers call the PlayStation 5 their favorite console

The PlayStation 5 is the console of choice for developers to develop. However, the Sony console has to tolerate the PC for itself, because the PC remains the big favorite among developers.

A study done by GDC shows that the PS5 is the platform of choice among consoles to develop on. Three thousand developers took part in the study. A whopping forty-four percent said the PlayStation 5 is the preferred platform to develop for. This is good for a solid second place. However, the majority of developers, fifty-eight percent, prefer to develop for the PC. The Nintendo Switch comes in third with thirty-eight percent. Microsoft consoles are a little less popular. Only thirty percent of those surveyed preferred the Xbox Series. The previous generation of consoles are the least favored. The Xbox One is preferred by thirteen percent and the PlayStation 4 is stuck at only twelve percent.

Twenty-seven percent of developers also indicate that they are interested in virtual reality technology.

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