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DFB Cup: A strange silence (neue-deutschland.de)

Due to an emergency operation, Union's goal to 1-0 by Marcus Ingvartsen (left) was hardly cheered. The mood only came up in the second half.

Due to an emergency operation, Union’s goal to 1-0 by Marcus Ingvartsen (left) was hardly cheered. The mood only came up in the second half.

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Peter Bosz had listened carefully to what Urs Fischer had said. Now it was his turn. That evening, however, Leverkusen coach made his statement to Bayer’s 3-1 in the cup quarter-final against Union Berlin. “I start differently today,” said the Dutchman and said: “I would like to thank the fans for how they did it in the first half.” Bosz’s words were for supporters of both clubs, who were between the 16th and 42nd Minute had caused an oppressive silence in the stadium because of an emergency in the stands – but at the same time it sent a message of human sympathy.

A viewer had to be resuscitated. He was taken to the hospital and his condition was considered stable after the game ended. When the emergency doctor arrived in Block F1, the audience first gave calm applause, appropriate to the situation. After that, there was an unusual silence over the stadium for almost half an hour. Even the guiding gate of the guests by Marcus Ingvartsen cheered the Berlin fans only briefly.

When the paramedics returned to the arena three minutes later, they applauded again – now really loudly. The man was obviously taken care of and it was possible to shout, clap, celebrate in all corners as usual. Leverkusen turned the game in the second half through the goals of Karim Bellarabi, Charles Aranguiz and Moussa Diaby and still made it into the semi-finals of the DFB Cup for the sixth time.

Union coach Fischer also focused on the special events before the break. The Swiss sent the best wishes to the spectators transported to the hospital. And about the fans’ joint silence, he said: “By doing so, they showed that there are more important things in life than football – and that health is a good that stands higher.” Colleague Bosz immediately agreed: “This is much more important as soccer. But it also felt strange if you don’t know why the stadium is so quiet. «

The professionals of Leverkusen only learned the reason after the game ended. “Of course it was difficult to play football in the quiet stadium – if you don’t know exactly what happened,” said central defender Sven Bender. However, he also found the ghostly-looking atmosphere to be suitable for sport “to our anything but good performance in the first half”. During the break, the team had enough to do with themselves. She preferred to discuss tactics and attitudes rather than the silent stadium. With success: “In the second half, we showed our true face,” said Bender.

The 30-year-old did not forget to praise the long-time courageous appearance of the Berliners: “You have to take your hat off to Union, they are absolutely deserved in the midfield of the Bundesliga.” The Köpenickers were especially the yellow-red card against midfielder Christopher Lenz (71.) was doomed. A minute later, Bellarabi scored to equalize. In addition, Unions defensive allowed the 1.71 meter tall Aranguiz to hit a header from a stand at a corner. “The header monster Charly had to serve,” joked Bender.

The banners that supporters of both clubs presented during the cup duel were not meant to be funny at all. »The DFB breaks its word – prefer to protect its sponsors rather than players in football! – Torunarigha – Kwadwo, «Bayer’s followers called the names of the two footballers who had recently been racially insulted in German stadiums. After the break, Union fans complained about the poster and in view of the latest incidents involving Hoffenheim’s patron Dietmar Hopp and the attitude of the DFB: “Hopp, hopp, hopp, the association follows at a gallop”. These were also strong messages.


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