DHL: Better live tracking & change of the drop-off location until shortly before delivery

Deutsche Post wants to improve the live tracking of its shipments. By the end of 2020, the recipient should be able to change the drop-off location for 80 percent of the shipments until shortly before delivery. Mail delivery, on the other hand, could be thinned out.

Parcel delivery: Change the delivery point up to 15 minutes before delivery

Swiss Post wants to improve live tracking for parcel delivery by the end of 2020, like the world

. Then the parcel recipients should be given a time window for the morning delivery for the majority of the shipments and be able to track the parcel on the Internet. The recipient should then be able to change the delivery location until shortly before delivery. This should be possible for 80 percent of the programs by the end of 2020.

Deutsche Post had that

Live Tracking
for broadcasts announced some time ago

and already started to introduce it.
But the corona crisis led to a delay in implementation, as Tobias Meyer, Deutsche Post Board Member for the letter and parcel business, admits to the world. Swiss Post now wants to make up for this deficit.

If Deutsche Post has its way, you will only receive new “letters” on Monday by email. Because the Deutsche Post wants to end the classic mail delivery on Monday.

If the post would end the previous six-day delivery of letters across the board and only deliver letters on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the company could save money, according to Meyer. But there would be a

new postal law

The cancellation of mail delivery on Monday should only affect private individuals, while companies should continue to receive their mail on Monday.

However, the restriction on the delivery of letters would not automatically decrease the postage. The currently applicable postage fees have only been approved by the Federal Network Agency until the end of 2021. The postage could then be reset.

Deutsche Post currently has around 140,000 employees who delivered record quantities of parcels during the corona crisis. The post manager’s request comes at a point in time when the post is fighting with the Ver.di union for wage increases. Ver.di is demanding 5.5 percent more wages for Post employees and has already organized warning strikes to enforce its demands. Swiss Post rejects Ver.di’s request on the grounds that only the parcel business is booming, while the number of letters delivered is continuing to decline. Overall, however, the postal profits from the mail and parcel business rose by 40 percent in the first half of 2020.

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