Diane von Furstenberg reveals the 'ScrapWrap' dress; are made from rubbish


Diane von Furstenberg is now designing litter – for good reason.

The iconic fashion designer, renowned for her highly dependent wrap dresses, discouraged the “ScrapWrap” from other former consumer textile and waste materials at New York Fashion Week.

The eco-fab project was not a single lady (surprise): the DVF collaborated with Amanda Cerny, 28 years old, former GUESS model, actor, Instagram sensation and UN environmental ambassador, for the awareness project. to stimulate the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

“I met Amanda when she was coming to New York for Fashion Week and she fell in love with her and her story,” says von Furstenberg with An Post.

The ScrapWrap was successful on Wednesday night to play at New York Fashion Week, which was a shame for viewers when Cerny wore the recycled dress outside the Marc Jacobs show.

Cerny said that the project came together for a short time with three students and alumni from Parsons Design School – Lara Tang, Joshua Mudgett, CK Zhangdh – who were listed to help illustrate next generation innovation and responsible design. practice expression.

“As a United Nations Ambassador and Ambassador, she wanted to spend no waste,” explains von Furstenberg. “Parsons' talented graduates went through scraps in our sample room and so came into ScrapWrap!”

The full line designer of ScrapWraps intends to launch soon.

The dress will be part of the 2020 calendar created by Cerny and shot by Ryan Ryantaway from VRTU Studios to raise money and awareness on environmental issues and some of the proceeds given to conservation groups.

Cerny, who has been eating a diet entirely based on nine-year-old plants, argues that his 30 million Instagram trailers are always to seek quick and easy solutions in everyday life, such as the elimination of single-use plastics and quality pieces. already in the wardrob of people re-established.

“Climate Change and Climate Conservation are huge issues that can be daunting, but we can take small steps to help protect the planet,” says the impact of social media.

“When it comes to buying fashion less, there are great places to start!

Amanda Cerny outside Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week.
Amanda Cerny outside Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week.Art Loves Earth

Additional reporting by Heather Hauswirth

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