Did Angelique Boyer end up with Sebastian Rulli?

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Angelique Boyer has a new heartthrob and shouts it from the rooftops: Did he finish with Rulli?

Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli They have been one of the most stable and beautiful couples in the entertainment world for several years now, and although their immense love draws frequent sighs from their loyal followers, the beautiful actress has just revealed that has a new beau.

Rulli’s girlfriend sat down to talk to the magazine People in spanish, and there she spoke openly about the new man in her life who makes her very happy: he is the Chilean actor Andrés Palacios.

But make no mistake, although he is the new heartthrob of the beautiful blonde, he is only one in the world of fiction, as he will be his co-star in the telenovela “Imperio de mentiras”, where they give life to Elisa Cantú and Leonardo Velasco. In real life, Angelique follows in love with Rulli.

Despite this, the actress confessed that she has a lot of respect and admiration for her new telenovela heartthrob and said that they have a great time on the recordings.

“We had not worked together, we met at events, but their meeting has always been pleasant. They are a great couple, I think we make a good team and people are going to really like meeting Leonardo and Elisa ”, said Boyer, in dialogue with the aforementioned magazine.

“As a partner he is very funny, he makes us laugh a lot, he is a very relieved guy. What I have absorbed from him is to relax and laugh a little, because in themselves the scenes are super dramatic and the situation that we are experiencing worldwide [es horrible]; he has been a very important element in keeping the positivity on set. I think we are going to tell a great love story, “added the soap opera star.

And it seems that chemistry, on a professional level, is side and side, because the Chilean also spoke wonders of his new love in fiction.

“I had not had the opportunity to work with [Angelique] in television project. But I can confirm that everything that many colleagues had shared with me about their work experience with him is real and they fell short “, said the gallant. “She is a committed, respectful, dedicated professional with a sense of humor. It is always appreciated to be able to share work with colleagues like this ”.

Rulli’s girlfriend took the opportunity to invite viewers to follow this story, which tells the life of a humble policeman and a rich girl who fall in love after both being beaten by the death of two murdered loved ones.

“There is definitely a captive audience [para] Giselle González’s productions and this has been a great challenge for her because there is more melodrama, more romance. It is a great love story that despite the fact that everything is against their being together, we are going to see them fighting for a love of which they are convinced, and that is very nice to see in a story. The message is that the most important thing in life is love “, he concluded Rulli’s partner.

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