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Did the coronavirus originate in America? The Chinese media push the conspiracy

  • Chinese state media have reported that many Chinese believe that Wuhan’s coronavirus originated in the United States
  • The report says the disease is mistaken for flu – which has already killed 16,000 this season.
  • The conspiracy may be part of an intensifying information war between competing governments.

Since the onset of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, which has now grown to infect 79,000 and kill over 2,000, Chinese authorities have attempted to divert attention from the crisis by comparing it to the American flu season. Some say that the flu, which killed over 16,000 people this year, is more deadly than the coronavirus.

Now, new conspiracy theories claim it could indeed to be coronavirus.

According to Chinese state media, some Chinese speculate that Americans who died of the flu may have been unknowingly infected by the deadly Covid-19 – which they say is spreading unnoticed in the United States.

Some even speculate that infected Americans brought the disease to China.

This happens at a time when U.S. authorities began testing subjects with flu-like symptoms for coronavirus. Currently, the United States has tested 414 people for Wuhan’s coronavirus with only 14 confirmed infected.

Coronavirus could spread uncontrollably

Some analysts believe that the extent of the coronavirus epidemic may be larger than currently reported. This is because cases are emerging with no direct connection to mainland China. In addition to the approximately 77,600 confirmed cases in China, the disease has grown to infect 602 in South Korea, 155 in Italy and 43 in Iran.

The cases in Iran are particularly worrying because the death toll does not seem to correspond to the number of confirmed cases.

Despite only 43 confirmed cases in Iran, eight Iranians have already died from Wuhan’s Coronavirus. In comparison, there are 1,343 confirmed infections in Guangdong province, China, but only six have died. The high mortality rate in Iran suggests that coronavirus may already be spreading uncontrollably in the country.

Some Chinese netizens believe that coronavirus could also spread uncontrollably in the United States. Their wild theories claim that Americans could confuse the disease with the flu.

The Chinese state media are promoting a shocking conspiracy

According to the Global Times, a report by Japanese TV Asahi Corporation says that some of the 16,000 Americans who died of the flu during the flu season may have unknowingly contracted Wuhan’s coronavirus. They claim that the United States incorrectly recorded these deaths as flu while they were actually Covid-19.

Chinese netizens took history and ran with it. Global Times reports their comment:

Perhaps U.S. delegates brought the coronavirus to Wuhan and a mutation of the virus has occurred, making it more deadly and contagious and causing a widespread outbreak this year.

These reports are based on previous conspiracies in the Russian media that openly suggest that the United States government may have intentionally created the Wuhan coronavirus to wage an economic war against China.

Theories are apparently so widespread in Russia that several Russian political leaders speak openly about it.

Comparison between coronavirus and flu

While many are prepared to compare Covid-19 with the flu, the two diseases are not very similar.

The flu kills a huge number of people every year, but its mortality rate has been around 0.05% so far this season so far. By comparison, Covid-19 has reached mortality rates of up to 2.9% in the province of Hubei, the epicenter of the epidemic. The new disease appears to overwhelm hospital infrastructure due to the severity of its symptoms.

According to the data, Covid-19 places approximately 20% of patients in critical condition, with many developing pneumonia.

Although most Covid-19 patients survive, their symptoms are severe enough to send them to the ICU. In comparison, most flu patients have mild enough symptoms to recover at home.

Needless to say, if the United States faced an uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak, the authorities would have noticed it by now.

Intensification of the information war

This occurs at a time when the online information war is heating up. Governments are increasingly using online media to promote national agendas and damage the reputation of their opponents.

The United States recently forced several Chinese news organizations to register as agents of the Chinese government under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. China also expelled several Wall Street Journal reporters from Beijing, accusing the outlet of racist news in its coverage. of the deadly coronavirus epidemic.

The Global Times report appears to be the latest in a growing tit-tat-tat among competing governments. But it should encourage Americans to be more vigilant about the new and deadly Covid-19.

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