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Did the queen kick Tarzan into the attic of the house?

by drbyos

Sergey is now huddled in a small room under the low roof of the mansion.

Relations between Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko cause a lot of talk on the network. Constantly there are rumors of betrayal by Tarzan and the couple’s divorce. However, spouses still sometimes appear together. But, apparently, parted in different rooms.

It seems that the Queen kicked Tarzan into the attic of the house. The showman posted the photo on his Instagram account from some small room under the roof, in which chaos and a mess reigned. However, the bed is still present there, which suggests that Tarzan may now live there.

Safety is probably more important for the Queen than love, and while the other couples around the world spend all their time with each other, the singer apparently keeps her husband at a distance.

Perhaps the whole point is just that Natasha no longer trusts her spouse, since too many rumors circulated about his infidelity. In addition, his frank shows, which do not leave indifferent any woman from the audience, probably also play an important role. Perhaps because of all these factors, the Queen cannot be near Tarzan, as she apparently thinks that he could have an affair somewhere on the side.

However, be that as it may, Sergei just caught a cold and, for the purpose of prevention, is still trying to keep his distance from his family. But, as they say, there is no smoke without fire, and Glushko did not even talk about any cold. Therefore, probably the problem is in the relationship of the spouses, and not in the disease.


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