Didn’t you check it out? This is how the president reacted after signing an agreement with Trump


President Donald Trump met a few days ago with his counterpart of Serbia in the White House, However the Serbian president got attention in the media meeting for your reaction during a Press conference.

And it is that, while Trump reported the agreements reached with Serbia, the president Aleksandar Vucic took a fresh look at the agreements, giving understand that there was read the document you signed.

Serbia has committed to opening a trade office in Jerusalem this month and moving its embassy to Jerusalem in July, ‘Trump said, surprising President Vucic.

It is a very important statement and I really appreciate it, ” Trump concluded.

Moments later the President of Serbia he begins to review the document and turns to see his entourage, finally, he puts his hands to his head as if he lamented.

Remember that Trump intenta by all means legitimize Israel which is in conflict with Palestine, causing a division of opinions among nations.

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